Remakin’ Me Crazy

Posted: October 27, 2009 in movies, tv shows
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The New A Team

So they have just released this image for yet another remake – The A Team. Is Hollywood now completely incapable of coming up with a new idea? Or do we just have to wait another 20 years, and then we’ll see film remakes of Lost, 24 and Ugly Betty?

Granted, I enjoyed Charlie’s Angels, and Starsky & Hutch… But now it seems like there is a never ending stream of film remakes of 70s and 80s TV series and movies. And frankly, the current plan to remake Dirty Dancing is just sacrilegious.

There must be 1000s of scriptwriting hopefuls out there, with interesting, inventive scripts! So why are we just regurgitating the same ideas over and over? We need to be creating fresh ideas for the next generation to look back on with nostalgia. Can you really be nostalgic about a remake?

Having said that, the rumour that they were going to make a third installment to the Three Men & a Baby series did genuinely excite me. But perhaps that is just because I’d love to see Tom Selleck on the big screen again.

But speaking of Selleck, how long do you think until the movie version of Magnum P.I? Or Macguyver for that matter?

What do you think about all this remake business? And are there any old TV shows or movies you still think would make good films? Or are there any that should be forever “out of bounds” on the basis that they are just too special? (For example, could they ever remake a classic like Back to the Future…? God, I hope not!!)

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  2. […] written on this blog before about my increasing disdain for the constant remaking of classic 70s & 80s movies and TV shows. The industry must seriously in a creative black hole at the moment since they can’t ever […]

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