The Danyl Conspiracy

Posted: October 27, 2009 in tv shows, X Factor
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Danyl Johnson is easily the most talented performer on the X Factor this year. And one of the best I have ever seen on the show – or frankly any of these shows. He is a real showman, and an amazing singer. He doesn’t stand there like a rabbit in the headlights, clutching the mic stand for dear life, like most of them do in the early shows. Instead he delivers with professional confidence and aplomb every time he gets on the stage.

So what’s with all this “Danyl is cocky”, “Danyl is a bully” rubbish? I have never seen anything that would lead me to believe either are the case. He is always humble after his performances. And even after Danni “outed” him in the first live week of shows, he generously wrote on his Twitter page that he was not upset about it, he still loved Danni, and that it was all good.

I don’t know where all this Danyl slagging is coming from, but I have my suspicions… Let’s face it, if I was the other judges, I’d be worried about Danyl too. How do you beat a guy who is clearly so much more talented than the others? How do you beat a guy who is also handsome, and a primary school teacher? First you tell the nation he likes boys. Then you make him out to be an asshole.

And so they plant little seeds in the public mind, telling him not to be too cocky, saying that there are rumours about him being a bully. Frankly, I don’t believe them, or care. If I was in my 30s and had to live in a house with a bunch of 19 year olds, I’d probably get a bit knarky with them too!

So I guess I’m saying, approach the “Danyl’s an asshole” conspiracy with caution. Like most of the X Factor, it is being done to create a stir, make good TV, and get you to vote for the other contestants.

I hope Simon starts working some PR magic to stop the public from believing the smear campaign. Cos, I mean, what’s not to like about a primary school teacher, who sings like a superstar?

Lest we forget a certain X Factor judge who once had a very bad rep for being a bit of a bitch, after an incident in a nightclub toilet. Someone who, thanks to the most amazing PR transformation of all time, is now apparently a “national treasure”. She of all people should be careful of calling the kettle black. Or punching it in the face.

I’ll be voting for Danyl this week. I don’t usually vote, but I cannot let the best singer in the competition be in the bottom two again!

Vote Danyl.

  1. Sarah Westwood says:

    I agree!

    I didnt believe the stories about the bullying – Louis Walsh and Cheryl Colestarted it all by saying Danyl was unlikeable and cocky (!)

    They obviously felt threatened by him from the start – then they have the gall to say he was underconfident tonight!

    Simon was spot on with his comments regarding this!

  2. Parker says:

    Umm – how can he be one of the best singers of the competition, when he barely made it into the finals after one of the most disappointing follow-up performances?

    It’s ok if you’re a bit of the fan and support him, but don’t forget the negative bits. Every contestant on this show has them.

  3. Annabel F says:

    I agree 🙂 i don’t believe the stories about the bullying either. You could see how upset he was in his performance last night (week 4), i just hope everyone picks up the phone and votes 4 him because he deserves it. I for 1 will definitely be voting 4 him, and know a lot of other people that will vote 4 him 2. Hes my mums favourite 2 haha 😀 GO DANYL! x

  4. […] two once, has the most fans on Twitter, and is beloved and appreciated thousands of people. Sure, some people are jumping on the anti-Dan wagon, but in response Danyl’s fans are getting more vocal – and more importantly, […]

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