I miss… Simon Amstell.

Posted: October 28, 2009 in Uncategorized

Well, the new series of Never Mind the Buzzcocks is well underway, and we have seen some interesting (and some lame) guest hosts. The most successful so far has been Rhod Gilbert, who went some way to bringing the acidic wit for which the previous hosts (Mark Lamarr, and Simon Amstell) were famous.

But frankly, I just miss Simon… I understand that he has left to concentrate on his stand-up (which is equally brilliant) but something seems to be missing from the show now. He simply had an unparalleled way of putting those arrogant pop stars in their place. Who could forget the great Preston walkout!?

I will just have to make do with seeing him perform stand-up at the Shepherds Bush Empire on the 16th!

What are your favourite Simon memories?

  1. i think i miss his hair more than anything. lovely, lovely hair.

    • lucyfoxx says:

      It was lovely (and I’m sure it still is, it’s just not on my TV every week!)… Even when he cut it to be a pile curly pile at the front of his head!

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