Whatever Happened to… Michael Shoeffling?

Posted: October 28, 2009 in movies, what ever happened to
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He was the quintessential high school dreamboat in Sixteen Candles, then the gorgeous Joe in Mermaids (above) and then…. nothing….

In fact, his last IMDB entry is for a Disney film called Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken, in 1991 – the year after Mermaids.

So, if he hasn’t been in films, what has he been doing? Well apparently:

“He and his family have been living quietly all these years in northeastern Pennsylvania, where the once teen dream operates a successful business building fine hand-crafted furniture.”

Oh well… At least we’ll always have the memories…

Is there anyone out there that you wonder what happened to? Let me know…

  1. molly says:

    what a hottie. such a wasted talent…

    whatever happened to the guy from ‘girls just wanna have fun’? i don’t remember his name but he was cute! not to mention some sweet dance moves…

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