Oh Rexy, not so sexy.

Posted: November 3, 2009 in movies, musicals, Uncategorized, what ever happened to
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maxwell caulfield

Good friend of The Big Cheese, Farmer Ted, just sent us this comparison of Maxwell Caulfield, which appeared on heatworld.com.

Damn! He was so very cute in Grease 2, the film that brought us the classic line “make my stamen go beserk”.

But, I guess when he famously played the delightfully slimy Rex Manning in Empire Records, we knew things were going downhill…

Then again, they say hairloss is actually a sign of excess testosterone and verility… So who knows. Perhaps he is just a little too much man!

  1. poustis says:

    Not so sexy? He looks like a proper man now. Very sexy!

  2. abigfan says:

    He was sexy in grease 2. And in my opinion he is still sexy!

  3. sterling says:

    you guys must be blind he looks like a groggy old man!

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