Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin to co-host Oscars.

Posted: November 4, 2009 in movies, tv shows, Uncategorized
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So it looks like my call for NPH to host the Oscars was a little premature, as I feared it might be. It has been announced that Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin are to co-host it. Which is probably a pretty good decision. Martin has the experience, and Baldwin is one of the best comedy actors around at the moment. (Oddly enough, the pair are also team up for the upcoming film It’s Complicated… Are the producers in league with one another?)

In fact Baldwin has reemerged from a brief time in the wilderness and thanks to a few cameos (including memorable ones on Friends, and The Simpsons) he is now the bloke Hollywood goes to when it wants a funny middle aged guy in a suit. And he’s damn good at it! I mean 30 Rock is a great show, but wouldn’t be half the show it is without Baldwin.

So I think it is a good decision – and thankfully he was on my short list!

Now, if only British TV would start televising the damn things!


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