Big Gay Crush.

Posted: November 6, 2009 in movies, tv shows, X Factor
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Neil Patrick Harris

Last night my boyfriend caught me reading Danyl Johnson‘s Twitter page, and said “Oh, it’s your big gay crush” (Note: Danyl says he is apparently bi. Frankly, I don’t care whether he fancies boys, girls or both, I just think he’s a great singer.)

Anyway, it suddenly occurred to me. Without realising it, I actually have quite a few big gay crushes. And I have mentioned a lot of them on this blog already!

Simon Amstell, Neil Patrick Harris. I even wrote a post about Derren Brown, who is also very charismatic – but that may just be him hypnotising me with his crazy powers!

How do I have a number of big gay crushes, and I never even realised!!?

Who are your big gay crushes? Guys, are there any lesbians you fancy? (And no, actresses from lesbo-porn don’t count!)

Or – and this is even more interesting – guys, who are your man-crushes?*

*Man-Crush = When a man has great admiration for another man, even though either or both are straight. Man-crushes can be and often are completely non-sexual – so don’t be shy, guys!


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