Danyl and the winds of change.

Posted: November 9, 2009 in tv shows, X Factor
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It was awesome to see Danyl back in form, and looking better than ever on Saturday. Great work D!

To be honest, I have been strangely compelled by the great Danyl debate which has been raging online, and was actually quite enraged when, on a train back from Reading on Sunday, I happened to stumble across Heat magazine’s misguided Danyl bashing campaign. It was frankly cruel and unnecessary. Danyl has done nothing but sing his heart out. If you don’t like him, fine, vote for someone else. But give the guy a break.

I was also quite fired up after hearing Steve Mulhern (on the Xtra Factor) say that Danyl couldn’t win, cos he has no likeability… Umm, no likeability? Then who is voting for him? Let’s look at the facts. He has only been in the bottom two once, has the most fans on Twitter, and topped the voting last week, so he must be beloved and appreciated thousands of people. Sure, some people are jumping on the anti-Dan wagon, but in response Danyl’s fans are getting more vocal – and more importantly, voting.

I think if Cheryl (who is very popular and influential) hadn’t been so hard on him, he would have had an easier run, and not have gone through such a hard time. And I have always wondered where her dislike of him came from (apart from protecting her own acts). Perhaps I have found the answer!

A former bandmate of Danyl’s was quoted as saying: ‘He doesn’t like pop music at all…. He hates plastic, manufactured bands like Boyzone and Westlife. He once flatly refused to go to a Girls Aloud concert when we invited him.’

Ouch. No wonder she got mad at him!

Never mind. Things seem to be turning around for Danyl now. The voices of his fans are getting louder, and even Her Royal Cherylness seems to be coming around.

But Danyl-fans, keep voting. This thing ain’t over yet!

And if you want to see more of the big D, check out this clip of him singing his own track “Beautiful Life”.


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