The X Factor, Simon Cowell and the Three Ring Circus.

Posted: November 10, 2009 in tv shows, Uncategorized, X Factor
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I can’t believe what a ridiculous shit-storm has erupted since Simon Cowell dared to take it to the public vote on Sunday night. People threatening to boycott the show, calling Cowell public enemy number 1. Are you all serious?? It’s a game show! As Cowell himself said, if you really wanted Lucie to stay, you should have voted for her.

I’m not saying I didn’t like Lucie. I did. I was as shocked as anyone else. But then I took a second to think about it….

Because, I know it seems a little hypocritical for Cowell to bang on about the show being about talent, and then not put the nail in Jedward’s coffin, but just remember a few things here people.

1. This is TV!! They will say anything, and edit the footage anyway they want to make a better, more sensational programme. Sure, you’re all pissed off now, but you’ll all be watching on Saturday. And if you don’t, you’ll cave in by Sunday afternoon, watch the replay, and be on the sofa Sunday night, to watch the next sensational chapter.

2. Jedward are popular. Even Cowell has had to admit that. And he even said they were growing on him, after their Ghostbusters performance. Which was hilarious. And as much as I couldn’t stand them at first, they have grown on me. They are awful – but you can’t help but look forward to the next car crash. And frankly, the moment in the Xtra Factor last week, when they were asked if they were worried about a backlash against them, and they looked confused and asked, “Backlash?”, as if they didn’t know what the word meant…. Brilliant.

3. Simon Cowell is a business man. He is not only a judge, and the owner of a record company. He is also the executive producer on a TV show. A TV show which has been on the cover of all the magazines and tabloids thanks to Jedward. A TV show that has had everyone from Gordon Brown, to the Chinese ambassador giving their opinion of the twins. That is priceless publicity. And you know what? The so-called Lucie v Jedward controversy, is only giving him more publicity. Every Twitter post you write slagging him, and article you read about this whole thing is putting more pennies into his already huge bank account.

Now, I’m not saying don’t have an opinion. Of course you should. That is half the fun of these programmes. I’ve been shouting from the rooftops in support of Danyl, and trying to do my bit to rehabilitate his public opinion. Because although I disagree with getting upset about the results of a game show, I think that bitchy media smear campaigns which slur someone’s personality (Heat magazine, I’m looking at you here) with absolutely no justification, other than that they are taking part in a TV game show are cruel, and wrong. And they do have a serious effect on the real lives of real people.

But, there’s no point getting mad a Cowell. He’s just playing the game. The game which he wrote the rules for. The game of which he is King. And we are merely pawns.

And you know what? This Saturday I will get my bottle of red, and really enjoy being a pawn. A pawn with only one power. The power to vote.

Vote Danyl.

Oh and PS. To the idiots out the who are crapping on about Ruth’s Purple Rain being better than Danyl’s – GET OVER IT!! Ruth was last year, Danyl is this year. They were very different performances, and they were both good. And you want to know why Danyl’s is still on YouTube? Because the X Factor have paid for the rights for it to be there, just like all the other finalists! Ruth’s was put up illegally by non official posters, who didn’t have the rights. It’s really so obviously not some big anti-Ruth/pro-Danyl conspiracy that it is just ridiculous.


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