Can’t wait for …. Date Night.

Posted: November 13, 2009 in Uncategorized

Just watched this trailer, and it looks great! Tina Fey (girl crush!), Steve Carrell, Mark Wahlberg, James Franco, Mila Kunis! Hello!

And, unlike a lot of comedy films, the trailer actually makes the film look funny. Sure, there’s a kind of Adventures in Babysitting (aka Night on the Town) feel about the story, but with that cast, who cares!

Thanks Fifi La Foux for sending it my way!

  1. Fifi la foux says:

    My pleasure darling! I forgot about the James Franco cameo…..he’s an interesting sub-set of nice boy/bad boy/tortured intellectual……..aka my kind of guy. Mmmm what a lovely afternoon of man candy, thanks Big Cheese!

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