Wham! week on the X Factor? Really?

Posted: November 18, 2009 in X Factor
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So word on the cyberstreet is that it’s “Wham! week” on the X Factor this weekend…. Really? Do Wham! really have that many good songs?

Sure, Last Christmas, Wake Me Up Before You Go Go, and I’m Your Man are pure cheese classics, but it’s not like all the finalists will be able to select a great song from a deep catalogue of stellar tunes, is it?

I admit, that there’s nothing like “Wham! week” to sort the wheat from the chaff, but I’m not entirely convinced that having the versatility to pull off Wham Rap! is really important when finding a future “pop star”. Rumour has it that Jedward are going to tackle Wham Rap! anyway – but where does that leave the others?

I’ll put money on Joe doing Last Christmas. Olly will probably do something upbeat, like Freedom. Who knows, really?

I really don’t have the burning desire to see Danyl do any Wham! song. Frankly, I think he’s a better vocalist than that. But, maybe he’ll finally get to dance, hey? That might save it from being a waste of time. Ok, I would settle for him doing the ’96 Remix of I’m Your Man. At least that’s got some soul.

He’ll probably get Careless Whisper, which would be alright, but he wouldn’t be able to show off his moves – again. Wouldn’t you like to see Olly sing a ballad for a change, and see Danyl get to groove?

Maybe if we’re lucky, it will be “George Michael & Wham! week”. Then at least there will be more good songs to choose from.

But why can’t we have “Motown week” (my personal favourite)? Or if it has to be cheesy, something broad like “80s week”?


What do you think? Are you happy about it being “Wham! week”? And what do you think everyone will sing?

  1. Northern Bird says:

    I seriously hope it isn’t Wham! week.
    I can just picture Olly doing ‘Club Tropicana’.
    Cheesy just isn’t a good enough word ;o)

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