Danyl – The Knives Are Out Again.

Posted: November 19, 2009 in X Factor
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Danyl gave a stirling performance on Saturday, and even Cheryl seemed to be coming around. The votes came in and he was safe as houses. Maybe people were starting to give him a break, I thought.

And then, the knives came out again.

Apparently some conveniently mysterious source saw Danyl storm out of rehearsals, upset about the song Simon chose for him. Apparently. And now every tabloid and trashy magazine in town has jumped on the story. All of them using emotive words like “strop”, “hissy fit” and “stormed out”, making sure the public opinion of him swings right back to the rude, bitchy diva that they have been trying to depict him as all along.

Twitter is ablaze with Danyl slagging. “Why don’t you just leave then?”, “What’s stopping you! Quit!” etc etc blah blah. It really amazes me how people will rush to an execution, dying to throw the next stone, even though he hasn’t even been found guilty. There has been no empathy for Danyl whatsoever. How do you even know what actually happened?

The fact is, the XFactorUpdates twitter said that, “Lots of Danyl walking out rumors, take with a pinch of salt. He is in the house & practicing a George track”.

Even if he did leave rehearsal a bit upset, went to clear his head, and met with Simon in his office (which is all possible) I sincerely doubt it was the dramatic flounce-off as indicated in the press. Jamie Archer says he spoke to Danyl, confirms he is fine, and contests that “It’s very high pressure, I don’t think anyone can ever understand what it’s truly like to be in that house…. It’s the same thing for me and the same thing for Dan. People will flair up from time to time. It is natural to be like ‘oh my god’ I need some time to myself.”

And I think he’s right. It could easily get too much. Particularly with the amount of pressure that has been put on Danyl. I have never seen any evidence of Danyl being anything but a creative person (and yes, they can be moody and dramatic sometimes!), struggling to do his best in a competition where a lot of people have repeatedly kicked him in the metaphorical balls.

Sure, he’s not an “every girl” like Stacey, or a “geezer lad” like Olly, who people are loving in their droves because they see a bit of themselves in the pair. Danyl’s a confident, trained performer. On stage he is polished, in interviews he is articulate, and intelligent. But because he’s not some kid made good from the depths of Essex, everyone jumps on a spurious rumour and uses it to have yet another dig at him, claiming it proves what they knew all along. That Danyl is some kind of arrogant diva.

Now I admit, I’m not in that house, or on that set. And perhaps where there’s smoke, there’s fire. But even if he is a little bit of a diva or a bit cocky, does it really matter? Does it make him any less of a great performer? No… And let’s look at some pop stars for a minute – Elton John, Robbie Williams, J Lo, Eminem… Yeah, not a cocky bloke or diva among them… Right?

Out of all the X Factor contestants this year (and I quite like Olly and Joe) Danyl is still the only one whose album I would buy.

And – for the record – I’m glad he is singing Careless Whisper, instead of Praying for Time. I just wish he was doing something upbeat and got to dance!

Frankly, I’m just sick to death of the Danyl bashing. He doesn’t deserve it, and has performed his ass off to earn your respect.

So maybe he’s not your cup of tea? Fine. Don’t vote for him. But the bitchy comments and damning articles are getting a bit old now, and are just plain mean. Like a bunch of teenagers ganging up on someone for being different.

I, for one, hope Danyl gets through this, just like all the other slurring articles, and backstabs. But I admit, this time I’m a little afraid he might not.

So, I urge all my fellow Danyl-files to get behind him, and keep showing our support by voting.

And the rest of you? Well, just remember what they say: If you haven’t got something nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Or just vote for Joe instead.

Vote Danyl.


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