Could John Mayer be good again?

Posted: November 20, 2009 in pop music, top 5 men

Ok, so let’s start with a confession. Back in 2003, I went travelling around the UK and Europe (mostly drinking, flirting with cute boys with accents and seeing castles). The album constantly playing on my discman (remember those?) the whole time was Room For Squares, by John Mayer. I felt the lyrics were speaking directly to me, and many of those songs are still very special to me. In fact, I would still rate it in my Top 5 albums.

And not only were they the songs which provided the soundtrack to my big journey of self-discovery, it turned out the guy singing them was hot as well! Bonus! A few TV interviews, and an intimate live gig later, His Royal John of Mayernaise was riding high in my Top 5 men list as well.

His album Heavier Things, and his bluesy era with the John Mayer Trio were still great, and I continued to hold a candle for him and his music. But then he started dating starlets like Jessica Simpson, and his sound was starting to become more ” nu-Police” (as in the band Sting was in, not the cops!), and less like the Mayer I had fallen in love with that summer.

And then came the more recent Jennifer Aniston phase, which I didn’t really have a problem with per se, but I just thought it was a shame I was hearing more about their relationship than I was about his music.

But now, it seems like John has got his acoustic sound back (with his new album Battle Studies), and a sexy haircut to boot. He sounds good. He looks good. Could this be the return of the Mayer?

  1. Melvin says:

    hey, yo.. i’m all the way from Singapore, and i stumbled upon your post ‘cos i was raving about john mayer yesterday and a few posts back. don’t give up on him~! i thought 2006 continuum was great, and a few of the songs showed some real depth “stop this train”, “dreaming with a broken heart”, “slow dancing in a burning room”..

    i just bought battle studies last night, and i already like the sound of a couple of songs..

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