X Factor – Rumoured Song Choices – Wham! & George Michael.

Posted: November 20, 2009 in Uncategorized

Well, you guys. It has been a really dramatic week in the X Factor camp – again! Simon Cowell has managed to wrangle headlines, and get the cyber world debating for yet another week. He is an evil genius, that man.

Now it is almost time to lay down our arms, and pick up our remotes. We will let our singing gladiators fight it out tomorrow night, while we sit back and enjoy. But what is everybody going to sing? Here is what I’ve heard on the rumour-mill:

Joe – Don’t Let the Sun Go Down On Me. (Good choice, I think. He is fast becoming my second favourite.)

Olly – Fast Love/Freedom

Stacey – If I Can’t Make You Love Me

Danyl – Careless Whisper (Although he had to fight for it!)

Lloyd – Faith

Jedward – I’m Your Man (Not Wham! Rap as previously suspected.)

These may not be the final choices, but this is what I’ve heard. I will update if I hear any different.

Bring on the weekend! Let the games begin!

Vote Danyl.


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