The Danyl-ator Fights On.

Posted: November 24, 2009 in tv shows, X Factor
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So, the haters threw everything they could at Danyl last week, and yet he still survived! Thanks in part to a great performance (and how hot did he look in that leather jacket!?) and in part to his dedicated legion of fans – many of whom have contacted me to thank me for my support on this blog, which is really lovely.

It’s now the business end of the series, with only 5 acts left, all of whom are well loved. It’s really anyone’s game, but I’m just glad Danyl has made it through to this stage, and I can’t wait to see him do 2 songs this week (Elton John & Take That week). Since he is the most versatile of all the remaining contestants, he should really show what he can do on Saturday – especially since Cowell has promised to give him an upbeat number. (Although, don’t contestants usually do at least one upbeat number when they have 2 songs?? Sounds like promising to serve turkey at Christmas, but anyway….)

I guess I just wanted to thank all the Dan-fans for their amazing, unwavering support in the face of some serious mudslinging. And tell Dan to keep up the fabulous work! We look forward to seeing some more Dan-magic this weekend!

Vote Danyl.

ps. Also wanted to commend Joe on a great performance on Saturday. He’s now my second favourite, and I really hope he makes the final – along with Danyl, of course!


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