Danyl Johnson – The Defence.

Posted: November 26, 2009 in tv shows, X Factor
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It’s no surprise that this blog has been a staunch supporter of Danyl. I have loved his performances since the first time I saw him at the auditions, and have always looked forward to the next time he took the stage. When he stormed his first live show performance with “And I’m Telling You” I picked up the phone and voted. And that was the first time I had voted for any of these shows since I voted for Guy Sebastian in the Final of Australian Idol in 2003. (There’s a clue to my original nationality right there!)

When Danyl had that awful week in Rock week, I actually cried. (I know, what a loser!) And ever since then, as the press has leapt onto what began as a few snide judges comments, I have found myself becoming Danyl’s online defender. After all, there seem to be hardly any journalists out there prepared to give the guy a break. To even do some research into the truth. (Remember research journalists?? Remember the truth??)

Anyway, this week a few of Danyl’s other supporters have gotten in touch with me, including a lady called Maggie, who has been collecting positive press about Danyl so she can use it to rebut the negative stuff. And so here are some of the interesting quotes she has collected from papers (mostly in Reading, Dan’s home county), from people who (unlike those in the press) actually know Danyl:

Scott Jenkins, a friend of Dan’s for the last 12 years says:

“In the X Factor Danyl is doing what we were both taught at Starmaker. You get on the stage and you own it. That’s how Dan delivers. He wants it so much it’s unbelievable. Dan is actually a really decent guy. I had problems when I was college and thanks to Dan I got my courage and confidence back. He came to see me in London when I needed friends because that’s just the kind of guy he is.”

Danyl’s housemate Richard McCallum says that Danyl is:

“The most genuine person in the world.”

Jan Chapman, mother of 2 of Danyl’s dance pupils says:

“My kids absolutely adore Dan. Everyone does – he is so wonderful with the kids and is such an inspiration to them.”

On the website for the theatre school Dan used to attend, Starmakers, they say:

“Dan is the nicest, most genuine, down to earth guy you could possibly wish to meet”

And there are lots, lots more of these (contact me if you want the full document). But I think you get the picture.

Now I know that these people are all biased towards Danyl, but really, I think I would choose to believe people who actually know him, than a bunch of supposed journalists who are known for printing untrue stories to sell papers and magazines.

What do you think?

Vote Danyl.

  1. Robin Haley says:

    I am a successful Nashville songwriter and a performer myself. When I discovered Danyl on the internet in his first audition. What a MAJOR talent he is! No kidding. I just want to tell him to relax and to trust himself so badly. Just enjoy himself and let the audience go along for the ride. His audience is not the problem, it’s the people that are trying to Control him career. Hes naturally perfect at what he does and all the “trash” about his attitude is because of other peoples jealousy at the magnitude of his presence and ability to succeed. He’s obviously headed for being a large and long lasting talent in the industry. He’s going to deal with alot of crap from the folks around him, and he’s going to have to protect himself emotionally. Remember that stardom is the brass ring that alot of people would give anything to have and he’s got ahold of it. He’s got it all… talent, looks, charisma, a great voice and hes a sweet man. You can see it in his eyes.
    As an onlooker, I am completely behind seeing him go all the way. I wish I could put a barrier around his heart and be there to encourage him to know that he’s going to be fine. He’s very Blessed. Just trust who you are Danyl!

  2. Danyl&OllyFan says:

    This site is an amazing suppor for danyl im sure he will be very proud. He so lovely most genuine person on the X factor i think. He gave his ans tickets to the show and after party i dont see any of the other contestants doing that. I’ve Loved him from the moment i saw him and have been voting for him every week, Danyl to win x

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