More Dylan Moran, Less Ricky Gervais.

Posted: November 26, 2009 in movies, top 5 men, tv shows
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Something that has mystified me for a while now is the rise and rise of Ricky Gervais. Ok, The Office was a good show, and I don’t mind that it got the accolades it did… But how has that success lead to Ricky Gervais becoming a Hollywood leading man?? Radio, yes. Stand-up, yes. Awards hosting, I suppose so. But romantic lead?? No no no.

I can buy Simon Pegg becoming a romantic lead. He has made a great transformation from TV comedy star, to Hollywood leading man. And I find his performances believable, funny and charming. But Ricky Gervais? I don’t know. I don’t think charm is something in his arsenal.

You know who I would like to see get a chance as a Hollywood leading man? (The video above might be a clue!) Dylan Moran. He is witty, hilarious, handsome, magnetic. He was brilliant as the lead in Black Books, and has played a few supporting roles in big movies, but hasn’t been given the lead role he deserves.

The thing about Dylan Moran is, there is just something about him. Even though his persona is that of a wine swilling, smoking, depressing guy who moans about everything, there is still something very sexy about him. Like he’s the kind of guy you’d like hole up in a Dublin pub with, while it pours with rain outside, drink copious amounts of red wine, and bitch about the world in general. As odd as it sounds, that’s a fantasy of mine!

And I know there are a lot of women who agree with me!

So listen up film producers, and Hollywood bigwigs. Enough Gervais! More Moran.

As you were.


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