New Rumour – X Factor Winners Song!

Posted: November 26, 2009 in tv shows, X Factor
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Ok, so there’s a new rumour going around about the X Factor winners song. That it will either be Don’t Stop Believin‘, by Journey  – as sung by Joe McElderrey in Rock week. Or that it could be The Climb, by Miley Cyrus…

I’m not sure about either… I think I prefer the previous rumour, Born To Try.

Though, if I’m really being honest, the X Factor winner’s song is always a cheesy, candles and choir, “reach for the stars”, “you can achieve your dreams” affair, so it doesn’t really matter what they pick. But wouldn’t it be nice if it was something a bit cool, and not originally recorded by Miley Cyrus?

Do you think it’s even possible to have a cool X Factor winner’s song? Or does it,  by the very nature of being an X Factor winner’s song, become uncool – case in point: Halleluljah.

What do you think?


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