Michael Jackson week – X Factor.

Posted: December 2, 2009 in tv shows, X Factor
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So, in honour of Janet performing on the Sunday show this week, it’s Michael Jackson week on the X Factor. Considering the MJ renaissance we had earlier this year, I think we all found ourselves experiencing Jacko overload, but hopefully it has been long enough now for us to hear all the songs again. After all, they are great songs.

But what will everyone do?? There are rumours flying around, but nothing has been substantiated yet. Will Danyl shake his booty again? Or will it be back to ballads for him? Will Stacey and Joe change it up, and prove they are more versatile? Will Olly finally pull off a big note, and have his X Factor moment?

The bookies seem to think it is a foregone conclusion that Stacey and Joe will be in the final… But will they? Or are the viewers starting to find them a bit dull, and – dare I say it – a bit Vegas. Sure, Joe has a fabulous voice, but can he do a current pop song, and sound relevant? And can Stacey veer off her current course, where she is on an express train to Celine Dion-ville?

Luckily for Dan-fans (or Fanyls as they are becoming known) Jacko week should suit him down to a tea. I hope he does something sexy, and edgy, and pulls out some more moves – but perhaps slightly less G-A-Y than last week! (I mean, his Relight My Fire performance was definitely fun, but might not appeal to everyone!)

And of course, the other rumour is that only one song will be MJ and the other will be personal choice. Which is when it gets really interesting, because you can see the songs that they really want to sing…

So, I promise to keep you all posted with song choices as they come to light. And in the meantime, enjoy JLS from Michael Jackson week last year, performing the only number that sticks in my mind from that week (apart from the carcrash that was Rachel’s Dirty Diana!) – The Way You Make Me Feel.


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