X Factor winner song – The Climb (?)

Posted: December 3, 2009 in tv shows, X Factor
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Dear Lord. There have been rumours flying around about what the X Factor winner’s song was going to be, and I have posted them all on this blog. But now the official word is in. And it’s going to be The Climb, as made famous by Miley Cyrus. Yes, Hannah Montana herself.

So, no chance of it not being cheesy then?? Granted, lyrically this song sounds like it was written as an Idol or X Factor winner’s song; plenty of aspiration, and dreams coming true – after the obligatory struggle, of course.

Some people are saying that the song is obviously meant for Stacey or Joe, as it would suit them better than Danyl or Olly. And this is probably true – although I do think that Dan could sing anything.

Although, frankly, maybe it would be better if Stacey or Joe do win it! I’m not sure I would want Danyl’s first hit to be a cover of a song from a Hannah Montana movie!! Not really a lot of street cred!

But we’ll see, won’t we? It’s not over til the Geordie, the Geezer, the Funny Girl, and the Diva sing. And we all vote.

Vote Danyl.

  1. Amy says:

    Joe 2 win!!!! This song is shit.. it should be don’t stop believing!!

    I think Joe should relese tht song later on nxt year!! lol

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