Danyl Johnson – Goodbye X Factor, Hello World!

Posted: December 7, 2009 in tv shows, Uncategorized, X Factor
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Well, Danyl performed fabulously on Saturday night, and in my opinion was the best (although, don’t I always think that?!) But, when the results came through, it was time for him to go, and although I was sad, in some ways I guess I was relieved. Although it is a shame he won’t be singing in the final, it’s nice to get him out of the circus, and have him out of the house, giving interviews and proving what a great guy he actually is.

Having watched both his GMTV and This Morning interviews, I can say that Danyl came across as gracious and charming – and he looked hot! I hope that he gets the chance to make some great records, and have a great, defining career outside the X Factor.

And at least we won’t have to see him sing Miley Cyrus’s The Climb!

So now it is all over (because in my mind it is), I just want to thank all the Fanyls for being so supportive of both Danyl, and this blog. In the face of great adversity we all held fast, and continued to show unwavering support. Which shows true character.

I suppose I’ll probably watch the final this weekend, but it won’t be the same. Olly will do a silly dance, Stacey will wear a long frock and sing a big ballad, and Joe will sing a beautiful, but boring song. Then one person will get kicked out, and the remaining two will do it all over again, but this time with a celeb. Then, after much drawing out of the inevitable, Joe will win.

To be honest though, part of me is just glad to get my Saturday nights back! The only problem is that I’m going to need to think of something else to write about on this blog!!

Wishing Danyl all the best for the future though. The Big Cheese will be watching out for you!


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