They’re Remaking Teen Wolf!? How dare they!

Posted: December 15, 2009 in movies
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I’ve written on this blog before about my increasing disdain for the constant remaking of classic 70s & 80s movies and TV shows. The industry must seriously in a creative black hole at the moment. I mean, they can’t ever come up with new ideas!

But now, this is the last straw. They’re remaking Teen Wolf! Well, MTV are, to be specific. I feel like my childhood is slowly being stolen, and remade with a bunch of glossy, tween pinups, with spray tans and radiantly white teeth, and I don’t like it! The whole charm of Teen Wolf is that it starred Michael J Fox!

Even worse this sounds like it’s going to be a series based on the film. Yeah, cos the series of Ferris Bueller turned out so well.

Anyway, I just thought you should know. Nothing is sacred. Next they’ll remake The Goonies, or the Labyrinth!

I would weep for the future, but I already saw it the first time, and I know the ending.


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