Was Danyl Really Unlikeable? The Voting Results Say No.

Posted: December 15, 2009 in tv shows, X Factor
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The results of the way the public voted during this season of the X Factor have been released, and it’s very interesting. If you were to take overall popularity, Danyl actually gave Joe a run for his money, topping the polls on three separate occasions.

Even that first week, as Louis and Cheryl were claiming he was unlikeable and cocky, the audience were voting for him three times as much as any other act in the competition. Then, when he had that bad week in Rock Week, it actually turned out to be a good week for him because he again trebled the votes of any other finalist.

I supposed after that the bad press began to take its toll, but Danyl was still rating well. And a lot better than the supposedly popular and “likeable” Olly, who seems to have been the luckiest competitor ever. Olly never even got over 15% of the vote until the semi final, and even then Danyl only lost to Stacey by 0.6% and Olly by 0.8%. That is only a handful of votes difference. I wonder if Danyl hadn’t been quite so good on his last week, perhaps his fans would have voted more, in fear that he was going to leave. I think a lot of us thought he was safe that night, and voted a little less than previous weeks.

And also, as has been pointed out on other blogs, if it has gone to deadlock the night Olly and Jedward were in the bottom 2, Olly would have gone home! It would have been a different competition then!

There are several things that I find really interesting about these results though:

1. That, due to the way the voting works, Olly could make it through to the final when Danyl and Stacey were consistently more popular.

2. That the bad press Danyl had to endure really does seem to have blown his chances of winning.

3. But that despite being called unlikeable, Danyl’s voting results resoundingly prove otherwise.

4. However, singing Whitney Houston doesn’t seem to be a good idea if you want votes!

5. And that no matter what, it looks as if Joe wiped the floor with them all fair and square. And his reward? The dubious honour of having his first single be a cover of The Climb…

I will be interested to see what happens in the next year. Who gets a record deal, who gets a TV presenting job, who gets a part in Hollyoaks, and who disappears into obscurity. May fortune be with them.

I, for one, can’t wait to see and hear the album Danyl makes. I hope it’s as good as we all know it could be.


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