Danyl – Live and Unleashed.

Posted: December 16, 2009 in X Factor
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I do try and write posts about stuff other than Danyl. I do. And then a Fanyl gets in touch, or Tweets something, and I get all fired up again. It’s weird. He just does something to me. And I know I’m not the only one! There are a bunch of grown women out there, embracing their inner teenage fan-girl, heading all over the UK to see Danyl perform live. And I love it!

Even though I managed to catch Danyl myself at Selfridges (and he was awesome), I think watching the video above has given me the most joy. Seeing all of Reading turn out to cheer, and scream, and wave signs. It made me really happy to see Danyl have the moment he would have had if he had made it to the final. Although the fact he was there as himself, and not an X Factor finalist, makes it even better.

I think what is giving me the most joy is watching Dan wowing audiences live, and making them not just fans of him on the X Factor, but fans for his real music career. He seems to be giving it all he’s got, really giving the fans his time, and working them up into a frenzy on stage, and that will only benefit him in the future.

There were even rumours today that he is working on an album, to be released next year. Let’s hope they are true.

For now there are still loads of Danyl gigs, and one of Dan’s hardest working Fanyls has emailed them to me, so I can print the full list right here. (She would like to add the disclaimer that some of them may not be confirmed, and that you should check with the venue before turning up!) But she also said that at most of these club nights, for an extra tenner, you get to have a meet and greet with Dan, so if you are dying to meet him, there’s your chance!

Ok, here goes:

Wed 16

7pm = Shopping centre (Barnsley)

12.30am = Escapade (Barnsley)

Thu 17

9.30pm = 53 Degrees   (Preston)

11pm =   Syndicate   (Blackpool)

2 am  =    Escapade    (Chesterfield)

Fri 18

9 pm   =   Viper Rooms  (Harrogate)

12pm? = Powerhouse   (Newcastle – possibly with Lloyd Daniels who had to postpone from  11th)

Sat 19

11 pm  = Pure  (Mancherster)

12.30am?=  Halo   (Warrington  – no meet & greet)

2am?=  Nightingale   (Birmingham)

Sun 20

Campus  (Glasgow) Time TBA

City     (Edinburgh) Time TBA

Weds 23

11pm = Play  (Swansea)

Thurs 24

Play (Hereford) Time TBA

Sat 26

11pm? = Zanzibar (Leicester)

1am ? = Halo (Nottingham)

Sun 27

Birkenhead Pop Factory, Pacific Road Arts Centre. (Sold Out)

Mon 28

Chicago Rock Café   (Fareham) Time TBA

Wed 30

Chicago Rock Café     (Middlesburgh) Time TBA

Chicago Rock Café      (Northampton) Time TBA


Sat 9

Syndicate    (Bristol) Time TBA

Sat 30

Tokyo    (Bradford)


Sat 7

Wakefield Wildcats rugby fixture

From 15 Feb


Again, these are not confirmed, so please check with the venue (esp times). And if you have any updates for me please, please, please send them through. I would like to keep this list as up-to-date as possible.

Thanks again for doing the hard yards and finding the dates Maggie! You’re a star.

  1. Di says:

    Thanks for posting gigs on here – it’s so diffilcult to know where he’s performing. I absolutely adore him and am so glas he’s on the top 25 twitter wall of fame.
    DANYL – I hope to see a great deal of you in 2010

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