Is Jake Gyllenhaal really single again??

Posted: December 16, 2009 in top 5 men, Uncategorized
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I can almost hear a collective intake of breath as woman around the world gasp at the news. Could the lovely Jake Gyllenhaal really be single again?

The brown eyed beauty rode high at the top of my Top 5 list for a long time, and I would still have to rank him amongst the other handsome men in that rarified list.

So, when he started dating Reese, I took notice. And I must admit, it kind of felt right. They both seem grounded and intelligent. They’re both beautiful people, but don’t seem plastic or shallow. I really thought it might work out for them. I mean Reese needed a good man after the caddish shenanigans (yes, I said caddish and shenanigans!) of her ex-husband Ryan (I’m not as famous as my ex-wife) Phillipe.

But if OK magazine tells us it’s over, then it must be true. Right? I know a lot of ladies out there would find it exciting news!

  1. Randy says:

    Uhh, you need to check out a few more pics of Jakey. His eyes are not brown. They’re blue.

  2. lucyfoxx says:

    Haha! Good call… What was I thinking…? Too busy looking at his smile!

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