Spice Girls – The Musical

Posted: January 21, 2010 in musicals, pop music
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Spice Girls

I’m baaaaack!!! Yes, I have been away for a month, and I know y’all missed your Big Cheese fix. So here you go!

This is the news that has brought me out of my hibernation. Spice Girls – The Musical. Ya-huh! You heard me.

Rumour has it that Geri has been roping in some industry heavyweights – none other than Simon Fuller (who she knows from her Pop Idol judge days) and the lady behind Mamma Mia, Judy Craymer – to help bring the idea to the stage. Apparently it is to be called Viva Forever (what else?) and revolve around the groups friendships, becoming mothers and, of course, that great Spice Girl theme of sisterhood.

Now, I know it would be easy to have a dig… But honestly? I actually think a musical made up of Spice Girls songs would be pretty fun. They’re all big, theatrical, cheesy numbers anyway. And it’s not like the Spicies are so sacred that it would be sacriligious to touch them – like some of the films they keep turning into musicals.

So I say, good luck to them. If it happens I may just throw on my platforms, down a bottle of Sauv Blanc and say I’ll be there.


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