Involuntary crush – Chace Crawford.

Posted: September 10, 2010 in top 5 men, tv shows, Uncategorized

Get in line, right? I mean, this is a name I have heard thrown about in tabloid, teen-crush circles for about three years, and I didn’t get it. To be honest, I didn’t get the whole Gossip Girl thing. I kept catching a few minutes of it as I flicked between channels, and it just didn’t seem all that riveting.

Then one day, when I had run out of Entourage, Mad Men and Jersey Shore to watch, I thought maybe I will try this show from the start. I will watch the first episode, and if I don’t like it then I’ll know it’s not for me. About three episodes in I was hooked! I finally got it. It’s the OC, but in New York! Overprivileged kids and their cool but messed up parents, living in amazing houses/apartments. Throw in the fish-out-of-water/class divide, some bitchy girls, and amazing clothes, and you’ve got yourself a show!

I’m now 2/3 of the way through series 2 (so don’t tell me what happens!) and loving it. All the characters are great, and although Serena displays a lot of Marissa-like tendencies, she is waaaaaay less annoying, and Blake Lively is unbelievably beautiful. Penn Badgley as Dan, Matthew Settle as Rufus, Kelly Rutherford as Lily are particular favourites. And of course, the show would be nothing without the ongoing Blair/Chuck storyline.

But the surprise package for me has been brooding little Chace Crawford, as Nate. At first I thought he was a bit yawn worthy. Dull, serious and obviously cute – but not all that. And then, little by little, it dawned on me. Wait, this kid is gorgeous. Less pointy and saccharine than his obvious comparison, Zac Efron. Even his hair and eyebrows stir a little something in my chest – and elsewhere!

And I feel terrible about it! I mean, he’s about 23, and his name is Chace, and 16 year olds have pictures of him on their walls! No no! This can’t be! I like Ron Livingston, and Henry Cavill, and Dylan Moran. Dark, handsome MEN. Not Gossip Girl posterboys! No!

But what can I say? Gossip Girl and Chace Crawford have won me over. I admit it.

Now if only those involuntary dreams about him would stop.


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