Bill & Ted 3??

Posted: September 22, 2010 in movies
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Are strange things really afoot at the Circle K? Could a third film in the classic series really be in the pipeline? So says Keanu, revealing that the original writers of the first two films, Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon, are starting to put together a new script that would bring Alex Winter and Keanu (aka Bill and Ted) back together again 19 years after the Bogus Journey was made.

Keanu says he would love to work on the project, and if the script turns out to be good enough, the new film would hit our screens in 2014 – when both Reeves and Winter hit 50! The release would also coincide with the original Excellent Adventure’s 25th anniversary.

But can we really imagine cinema’s two greatest slackers as middle aged men? And given that we saw the “future” in the first two films, what room is there for scope in a third one?

Usually I hate remakes, and poorly conceived sequels, but for some reason I think I’d like to see this. If only to get Alex Winter (who was also in The Lost Boys, and is now a director) back into that cut-off midriff sweater, and back on our screens.


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