One to watch… and watch… and watch… Justin Bartha.

Posted: October 20, 2010 in comedy, movies, top 5 men
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From about 15 minutes into watching The Rebound (which a friend and I dubiously picked up off the shelf at Blockbuster on a chick flick afternoon) it became very clear to me that I was developing quite the crush on the handsome, funny Justin Bartha. I mean, I’d seen him in The Hangover, but as he spends half the movie missing, and the last 10 mins with a sunburnt face and cracked lips, he wasn’t really given a chance to shine. We were pleased to find though, that The Rebound is one of those great chick flicks, with just the right balance of cheese, comedy and romance, and Bartha completely stole the film. His scenes with the kids are beautifully funny.

Then, on the weekend, the same friend and I were having another chick flick afternoon (what can I say? We love the cheese!) and pulled a little film called Every Jack Has a Jill off the shelf, almost entirely because Justin Bartha was in it. And much to our surprise the film wasn’t at all cheesy. In fact, it’s a really, truly good film that people who are movie snobs would actually like. It even has subtitles (which obviously makes it worthy, right?). And Bartha is great in it, further cementing himself as the “nice guy” you want to fall in love with you.

But watching the interview above, it is pretty clear he is also a really funny guy (and he loves Michael J Fox and Back To The Future!), so I hope he is given a chance to show off his comedy chops some more soon… In fact, I see him nipping on Paul Rudd’s heels very soon.

In the meantime Justin… Welcome to the Top 5!

ps. I did find out today that he is dating Ashley Olsen, but I will probably forgive him. At least it’s not Ashlee Simpson!


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