2011 – The Year of James Franco.

Posted: December 21, 2010 in movies, top 5 men
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I have recently (and very belatedly) been watching the one, precious season of Freaks & Geeks, the show that gave us many actors who are now familiar faces (Seth Rogen, Jason Segel, Busy Phillips, Martin Starr). None, however, have gone onto greater success than the handsome, James Dean-esque James Franco.

With his idol looks and lazy charm, it is evident even in Freaks & Geeks that he had movie star potential, which meant it wasn’t long before we started seeing him on the big screen. Of course, like everyone else who didn’t watch Freaks & Geeks, I first noticed him in Spiderman, but it wasn’t until I saw the small historical flick Tristan & Isolde that I really started to appreciate the Franco potential. A potential that has been coming to fruition of late. While he has had some great roles over the last few years, 2011 really is set to be the year of Franco.

First he is starring in the much-talked-about Danny Boyle film 127 Hours, tipped to be a strong Oscar favourite, particularly for Franco’s role and the self-amputating, adventure seeker Aron Ralston. And then he was recently announced as co-host of the Academy Award ceremony (with Anne Hathaway) a departure from recent comic and musical hosts of the recent past, and certainly heralding Franco as new Hollywood royalty.

I for one, will be very interested in watching Franco’s rising career over the next few years. And let’s face it, he ain’t hard to watch!


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