Henry Cavill to play Alexander in The Bronze Horseman?

Posted: February 2, 2011 in movies, top 5 men
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In even more exciting Henry Cavill news, author Paullina Simons has suggested him as a possible Alexander in a film adaption of her amazingly wonderful novel, The Bronze Horseman. Those who have read the book will not only be extremely excited that a film of the book is being made, but also at the prospect of Cavill taking the part of the beautiful Alexander – one of literature’s sexiest and most heroic men.

If you agree that Cavill would make the perfect Alexander “Shura” Barrington/Belov then join the Facebook campaign! Or tell Paullina herself on her Facebook page.

In the meantime, we will just have to wait for Paullina to finish the script and the casting process to begin…

ps. The video is fan-made, not an official trailer – I mean, the film doesn’t exist yet! But those shots of Henry is uniform certainly help his cause!

  1. Salha Hasi says:

    “one of literature’s sexiest and most heroic men.”….omg that is so true 😉
    HENRY CAVILL FOR SURE!! He is THE Alexander 😉

  2. LOVE him for Shura!! Look up Elle Fanning 2012 on google. tatia??

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