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I don’t have a lot to say about this… I just thought you should see it! Because while a lot of people know that the young Elijah Wood appears in Back to the Future part 2, not so many know about this first film role for the lovely Jake Gyllenhaal.

I enjoyed watching this clip so much that it made me want to watch City Slickers again. And that’s saying something!

What are your favourite “before they were famous” clips?


Sometimes there are quotes from films that we just remember, even though we haven’t watched the film for about 10 years!

This is one of them! A true classic. (It’s right at the end of the clip.) Only it’s one of those quotes that only a few people know where it’s from. A bit like “Strange things are afoot at the Circle K” and “Meat group!…Squeezin the juu-uuice…. “.

This film is cheese at it’s most brilliant for lots of reasons though. The appearance of a young, slimy David Duchovny. Knox Overstreet himself, Josh Charles (…whatever happened to him?). The classic powersuits Christina Applegate wears. All good.

Are there any classic lines from old 80s and 90s films that you still find yourself quoting, in spite of the fact half the time people don’t know what you’re quoting?

Ever watched a movie from years ago, and realised that someone who is now really famous is in it?

Like this clip from the fabulously cheesy 90s teen flick Airborne. I remembered Seth Green played the geeky cousin, but when I watched it the other day I also noticed a young Jack Black as the bully’s best mate! And yes, plenty of trademark Jack Black coming out even then.

But hey, whatever happened to the guy who played Mitchell…? Perhaps he was smothered by his own massively 90s floppy hair!

If you have any other great “before they were famous” clips, you know where to send them!