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So, the interweb rumour mill has cranked into overdrive, this time with the news that Arrested Development is back! There has long been speculation that an Arrested Development movie was in the pipeline, but now comes the news that the movie is to be preceded by a short season, with one episode following each of the characters, building up to the release of the film.

The news has emerged from a cast reunion at the New Yorker Festival, where series creator Mitch Huwitz made the announcement, which was followed up by the New Yorker Twitter feed stating:¬†“Arrested Development coming back for one more TV season before movie.”

New York Times reporter Dave Itzkoff was also at the Q&A and he tweeted¬†“Mitch Hurwitz says he plans limited Arrested Development series (9-10 eps, 1 character per ep) that would lead into movie.”

And just this morning Jason Bateman has confirmed all the speculation by tweeting about the news himself: “It’s true. We will do 10 episodes and the movie. Probably shoot them all together next summer for a release in early ’13. VERY excited!”

The news is also bound to have the show’s many fans very excited, and counting the days until everything comes together and goes to air.

So, now Arrested Development has been resurrected, there might be hope for Freaks & Geeks yet!


From about 15 minutes into watching The Rebound (which a friend and I dubiously picked up off the shelf at Blockbuster on a chick flick afternoon) it became very clear to me that I was developing quite the crush on the handsome, funny Justin Bartha. I mean, I’d seen him in The Hangover, but as he spends half the movie missing, and the last 10 mins with a sunburnt face and cracked lips, he wasn’t really given a chance to shine. We were pleased to find though, that The Rebound is one of those great chick flicks, with just the right balance of cheese, comedy and romance, and Bartha completely stole the film. His scenes with the kids are beautifully funny.

Then, on the weekend, the same friend and I were having another chick flick afternoon (what can I say? We love the cheese!) and pulled a little film called Every Jack Has a Jill off the shelf, almost entirely because Justin Bartha was in it. And much to our surprise the film wasn’t at all cheesy. In fact, it’s a really, truly good film that people who are movie snobs would actually like. It even has subtitles (which obviously makes it worthy, right?). And Bartha is great in it, further cementing himself as the “nice guy” you want to fall in love with you.

But watching the interview above, it is pretty clear he is also a really funny guy (and he loves Michael J Fox and Back To The Future!), so I hope he is given a chance to show off his comedy chops some more soon… In fact, I see him nipping on Paul Rudd’s heels very soon.

In the meantime Justin… Welcome to the Top 5!

ps. I did find out today that he is dating Ashley Olsen, but I will probably forgive him. At least it’s not Ashlee Simpson!

Ok, so let me preface this post by saying, when it comes to movies, I’m a complete sucker for two things – cheesy comedies, and time travel. And so the Gods of Hollywood have heeded my prayers and sent me this, Hot Tub: Time Machine. Could there be anything more awesome? Yes, the fact that it actually looks funny!

Throw in Clark Duke, John Cusack, and echoes of Back to the Future, and you’ve got yourself a winner!

I know I’ll be there when the “time” comes. Lol.

Simon Pegg’s penchant for the comedic macabre continues with the announcement that he has been cast in the film depiction of the ghoulish Regency Edinburgh murderers and grave robbers Burke & Hare. The pair killed 17 people in Edinburgh between 1827 and 1828 selling their corpses to the Edinburgh Medical College for dissection.

Pegg will play Burke, Andy Serkis will play his partner in heinous crime Hare, and the lovely Isla Fisher will play Burke’s girlfriend.

Director John Landis, of American Werewolf in London fame, will take the reins, which can only be good news. It is his first film project in ten years. He says of the project – “Piers Ashworth and Nick Moorcroft have written a unique and terrific screenplay which offers me a tremendous chance to make an historically accurate, very black, romantic comedy.”

It sounds fabulous, in a gruesome way! I look forward to it!

In celebration of Pegg’s return to his comedy horror roots, enjoy a highlights package from his first film Shaun of the Dead.

Word on the street is that the Flight of the Conchords have announced they will not be doing a third season of their hilarious HBO series. *Collective sigh of disappointment*

The boys themselves say that “We’re very proud of the two seasons we made, and we like the way the show ended.” And so I guess if they’re happy, we should be too.

I suppose it’s like many of the great comedy series – short but sweet. After all, there were only 2 seasons of Alan Partridge, and The Office. Only 4 seasons of Blackadder. And while it unusual for a popular US series to be cut so short, it is a tall order for the pair to continually write comedy songs at the standard for which they have become known.

Rumour has it that was tough to write new songs for even the second season. Obviously for the first one they could draw on songs developed over years in comedy clubs, and on the festival circuit. Whereas the songs for the second season were developed over a relatively short period, and didn’t have the benefit of being sounded out against live audiences.

Still, I doubt this is the end of the Flight of the Conchords. Just the TV series. Many comics say that TV uses up their material too quickly, and this is probably true. You can perform the same routine, or song, for years to live audiences. But put it on TV and suddenly it becomes old very quickly.

I hope the boys go back to performing live, because even though I enjoyed the HBO series, I think it lacked the edge of their live stuff. I particularly think Bowie’s in Space lost a little when it was done in the series, but live it just has something extra. What do you think?