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Spice Girls

I’m baaaaack!!! Yes, I have been away for a month, and I know y’all missed your Big Cheese fix. So here you go!

This is the news that has brought me out of my hibernation. Spice Girls – The Musical. Ya-huh! You heard me.

Rumour has it that Geri has been roping in some industry heavyweights – none other than Simon Fuller (who she knows from her Pop Idol judge days) and the lady behind Mamma Mia, Judy Craymer – to help bring the idea to the stage. Apparently it is to be called Viva Forever (what else?) and revolve around the groups friendships, becoming mothers and, of course, that great Spice Girl theme of sisterhood.

Now, I know it would be easy to have a dig… But honestly? I actually think a musical made up of Spice Girls songs would be pretty fun. They’re all big, theatrical, cheesy numbers anyway. And it’s not like the Spicies are so sacred that it would be sacriligious to touch them – like some of the films they keep turning into musicals.

So I say, good luck to them. If it happens I may just throw on my platforms, down a bottle of Sauv Blanc and say I’ll be there.


I just watched the trailer (preview, whatever!) for the new Richard Linklater film, ‘Me & Orson Welles’. And it looks interesting.

A film set in the 30s, about the theatre and the great Orson Welles. All good.

A film by the guy who made ‘Dazed and Confused’, and ‘Before Sunrise’. Good again.

A film starring Zac Efron…. Hmmm….

Not necessarily a bad thing. I have to admit, I took myself off to see ’17 Again’ on a quiet evening, and really quite enjoyed it. Having never managed to bring myself to watch ‘High School Musical’, I must say I was somewhat trepidatious about the film, but given that time travel/body swap comedies are right up my alley, I gave it a go. And I’m glad I did. It was warm, funny, and Efron was surprisingly amusing and charismatic. He even reminded me a bit of a young Michael J Fox, but that may have been the echoes of ‘Back to the Future’ in the storyline.

However, let’s face it. The audience for ’17 Again’ wasn’t all that removed from that of ‘High School Musical’. It was perhaps a tad more likely to capture the adult viewer, but certainly not likely to suffer from allowing itself to be carried by Efron.

But can young Zac ever really shake his ‘High School Musical’ roots and be taken seriously? I will be interested in seeing ‘Me & Orson Welles’ to find out.

What do you think?

Due to popular demand, here is it… Whatever happened to Lee Montgomery?

He was the tasty, all dancing, white vest wearing, drink of water in Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. And he was cuuuuuute! But what happened to him?

I mean, Helen Hunt and SJP went onto better things. Even Shannen Doherty had a pretty good run. But lovely little Lee? There isn’t even a picture of him on IMDB so that we can see what he looks like now!

Apparently, he became a musician and composer. Does anyone have any more information?

maxwell caulfield

Good friend of The Big Cheese, Farmer Ted, just sent us this comparison of Maxwell Caulfield, which appeared on

Damn! He was so very cute in Grease 2, the film that brought us the classic line “make my stamen go beserk”.

But, I guess when he famously played the delightfully slimy Rex Manning in Empire Records, we knew things were going downhill…

Then again, they say hairloss is actually a sign of excess testosterone and verility… So who knows. Perhaps he is just a little too much man!

Cocktail – the musical?

Posted: October 29, 2009 in movies, musicals
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Tom Cruise in Cocktail

Cocktail to be turned into a musical

The only thing that seems to be more prevalent than turning a classic 80s TV show into film, is turning a classic 80s film into a musical. And here we go again! Cocktail – the Musical!

Yes, I’m serious! The film that made smash hits out of songs like Kokomo, Hippy Hippy Shake, and Don’t Worry Be Happy is now apparently going to be made into a stage musical… I know! I wouldn’t have believed it, if I hadn’t read it in The Guardian!

I guess the “flare” and fancy bar work will make for interesting viewing, but I do wonder how they’ll tackle that infamous “waterfall” scene…?

Want to know more? – click here to read The Guardian article.*

*Look out for the biggest “what the?” later in the article where it mentions a 2004 musical version of When Harry Met Sally – starring Alyson Hannigan and Luke Perry!!?? (thanks to a good friend of The Big Cheese for that excellent spot!!)