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Dear God, why can’t I stop thinking about this man??!!

I’ve watched Rock N Rolla, and the BBC series’ Oliver Twist and Wuthering Heights all in the last week and I still can’t get enough! I love his eyes, and his lips and his voice… oh his voice. And that’s before we even get to the body, and the tatts and…. Sorry, I just drifted off there for a moment!

AND, what’s more, he’s an amazing actor. Mark my words, this man is destined for greatness. Bring on Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy and the new Batman, The Dark Knight Rises. Frankly, I can’t wait til he gets to play a bit of a romantic lead, cos if I love him when he’s playing a psycho I’ll be beside myself if he’s being gorgeous…

Ok, so I know I’m behaving like a 16 year old girl. But seriously – LOOK AT HIM!!

Ok, I’m off for a cold shower. I’ll catch you later Cheesers!


In even more big Superman news, one of my favourite actresses, Amy Adams, has been picked to play one of the most speculated and coveted roles in Hollywood, Lois Lane in the Superman reboot. This is the best news I have heard since it was revealed Henry Cavill is to play Superman. Now, I’m not even a big comic book movie fan, I’m just thrilled that Henry finally gets the lead role he deserves, and that my favourite redhead continues to shine.

In other Superman news, Zack Snyder has selected Kevin Costner and Diane Lane to play Superman’s parents… But is that Superman’s real parents? Or his earthbound adoptive ones…? Hmmm…..

In even more exciting Henry Cavill news, author Paullina Simons has suggested him as a possible Alexander in a film adaption of her amazingly wonderful novel, The Bronze Horseman. Those who have read the book will not only be extremely excited that a film of the book is being made, but also at the prospect of Cavill taking the part of the beautiful Alexander – one of literature’s sexiest and most heroic men.

If you agree that Cavill would make the perfect Alexander “Shura” Barrington/Belov then join the Facebook campaign! Or tell Paullina herself on her Facebook page.

In the meantime, we will just have to wait for Paullina to finish the script and the casting process to begin…

ps. The video is fan-made, not an official trailer – I mean, the film doesn’t exist yet! But those shots of Henry is uniform certainly help his cause!

I don’t have a lot to say about this… I just thought you should see it! Because while a lot of people know that the young Elijah Wood appears in Back to the Future part 2, not so many know about this first film role for the lovely Jake Gyllenhaal.

I enjoyed watching this clip so much that it made me want to watch City Slickers again. And that’s saying something!

What are your favourite “before they were famous” clips?

So, I went to see Love & Other Drugs a couple of weeks ago, and to be honest, I really enjoyed it. There I said it! I know it received some mixed reviews, and many accustations of vacuousness, and advertising drug companies were squarely levelled in its direction. But, as usual when I read a scathing review of a “chick flick” I enjoyed after seeing the film, I wonder whether we simply have different values in what makes a good film. For me, if the story is engaging, the leads charming, the acting good, and the cheese on the bearable side, then I’m pretty happy.

Ok, so I’m probably not the best judge of these things – I could honestly watch Jake Gyllenhaal stand next to grass growing for 2 hours and enjoy myself. But I thought it was great to see Jake working his charm, and humourous side – and the nudity was just a bonus! And, having always had a bit of a girl crush on Anne Hathaway, I enjoyed the chemistry between them.

However, I think what I’m really beginning to enjoy about Jake, as his career progresses, is his ability to move between big, budget, big name driven films (Prince of Persia, Day After Tomorrow), and low budget, character driven films (Donnie Darko, Brokeback Mountain, Jarhead). And his next film, Source Code, is precisely the latter. From the director of Moon, Duncan Jones, Source Code looks to be a high concept drama/thriller, with a good mix of the pulse-racing and the thought provoking.

And Jake is rocking some pretty sweet stubble action. Nice.

I have recently (and very belatedly) been watching the one, precious season of Freaks & Geeks, the show that gave us many actors who are now familiar faces (Seth Rogen, Jason Segel, Busy Phillips, Martin Starr). None, however, have gone onto greater success than the handsome, James Dean-esque James Franco.

With his idol looks and lazy charm, it is evident even in Freaks & Geeks that he had movie star potential, which meant it wasn’t long before we started seeing him on the big screen. Of course, like everyone else who didn’t watch Freaks & Geeks, I first noticed him in Spiderman, but it wasn’t until I saw the small historical flick Tristan & Isolde that I really started to appreciate the Franco potential. A potential that has been coming to fruition of late. While he has had some great roles over the last few years, 2011 really is set to be the year of Franco.

First he is starring in the much-talked-about Danny Boyle film 127 Hours, tipped to be a strong Oscar favourite, particularly for Franco’s role and the self-amputating, adventure seeker Aron Ralston. And then he was recently announced as co-host of the Academy Award ceremony (with Anne Hathaway) a departure from recent comic and musical hosts of the recent past, and certainly heralding Franco as new Hollywood royalty.

I for one, will be very interested in watching Franco’s rising career over the next few years. And let’s face it, he ain’t hard to watch!

Damn. I know this is jumping on the proverbial band-wagon. Because frankly, if you’re the kinda girl who knows her movies, and knows her actors, the name Andrew Garfield has been whispered  in reverent, excited tones for a while. You could tell that the people who knew what they were talking about knew that once The Social Network was released the world would know what they knew already.

But the problem is that at the moment there is a new British IT boy every year. First there was Orlando Bloom, and then James McAvoy (who I had a crush on for all of about 5 minutes when I saw Becoming Jane). Then there was Ben Wishaw. Young handsome actors, plucked from drama school and/or early rave theatre reviews, and selected for Hollywood stardom.

So I was understandably skeptical about Garfield. Here’s another skinny, brown haired, foppy Englishman poised for his fifteen minutes. And then I saw The Social Network. And it wasn’t a “hot man walks on the screen and the women fall in love” moment, a la Brad Pitt in Thelma and Louise. I don’t know that he is even conventionally good looking, in that Hollywood way. But maybe that’s what I like about him. There is a character and a warmth that emanates from him when he speaks, when he moves. And he plays Eduardo Saverin so well, that he really is the only character in the film you really feel for (something that was obviously intended, but a testament to Garfield’s performance too).

But even then, I didn’t walk straight out of the cinema and write this post. The film, and his performance just kind of lingered with me. Then this girl was talking about the film to me, and she said she didn’t think he was cute. I felt suddenly defensive and offended for him! So today, at work, I found myself doing my usual Googling session and started reading and watching interviews with him. And he is serious, and sometimes almost borderline pompous, but also desperately sincere and lovely.

Finally I came across this interview in Interview magazine, where he spoke to Terry Gilliam, director of his film The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus, and a couple of things he said really resonated with me.

First, when asked about doing “ordinary jobs”, he reveals that when he first moved to London he worked at Starbucks:

GARFIELD: I was actually really excited to work there. There was a very American, romanticized idea that I had in my head about what it would be like to work in a coffee shop. I thought of coffee shops as the kind of place where you met really smart, interesting, quirky girls with thick, black-rimmed glasses. But it didn’t turn out that way at all. I ended up being pursued by this girl who was very cool, but she just wasn’t my type . . . It was a personality thing more than anything.

GILLIAM: Because she was unattractive. Let’s just be honest about it. [laughs]

GARFIELD: Well, no. She was very cool. She just wasn’t my type.

GILLIAM: There you go—she was ugly.

GARFIELD: [laughs] I will not say that because I don’t believe anyone is ugly. How’s that?

GILLIAM: Oh, god!

GARFIELD: [laughs] She really was the coolest girl.

How gorgeous is that??

And then, later in the interview he talks about what he would have done if he hadn’t been an actor.

GARFIELD: I’d probably go to school. I’d travel. I’d go wandering and get lost for a minute, like Jack Kerouac. And then afterwards, when I realized it was all vacuous and vapid and meant nothing to me, I’d probably take up photography.

Beautiful. Andrew Garfield. I think I love you.