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Joseph Mazzello and Jesse Eisenberg in The Social Network

Ok, so everyone is banging on about The Social Network at the moment. And with good reason, it’s an awesome film, the story is relevant and intelligently told, the three leads (Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield and Justin Timberlake) give excellent performances, and of course it’s directed by David Fincher and written by Aaron Sorkin. But what people aren’t talking about,  what they should be talking about is the fact that that’s the kid from Jurassic Park!!

Sometimes I used to wonder what happened to little Joseph Mazzello. He was in Radio Flyer and then that little dinosaur film that a few people saw, and then he grew up… Which is always difficult for cute kid actors. It’s a bit hard to get work when you’re not so cute anymore. But little Joseph is all growdsed up! And to be honest, I didn’t even recognise him! And I always recognise people!

It wasn’t until the credits were rolling and I saw his name I went, wait a minute… If it isn’t little Timmy the human piece of toast!

So take my advice. Go see The Social Network, and in between thinking, “That Andrew Garfield is a bit of a spunk”, and marvelling at how the filmmakers managed to make computer coding interesting, spare a thought for the reemergence of J.Mo. Let’s hope we see more of him soon!


The three scariest bitches ever on film: Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction, Jennifer Jason Leigh in Single White Female, and Rebecca De Mornay in The Hand That Rocks the Cradle. All the kind of ladies you would not want to piss off, or want to trust with anything sharper than a butter knife.

Perhaps if you were born after 1985 you haven’t seen The Hand The Rocks the Cradle. You should. It’s a cheesy thriller classic. Those of us who have seen it will no doubt remember Bec as the beautiful, icy nanny, who is out for revenge, and basically to kill anyone who stands in her way. When I close my eyes I can still see the grisly end she made… but I won’t ruin it for those who haven’t had the pleasure.

THTRTC was one of the biggest films of 1992, and she followed it in 1993 in another big role, in The Three Musketeers. But after that, she pretty much disappeared from A grade roles. Sure, there’s a slew of films I have never heard of on her IMDB page, and some TV cameos. And she popped up in 2005 as the trashy Mom in Lords of Dogtown, and had a cameo in The Wedding Crashers

But where is the old Becster now? I, for one, think we could do with another lead serving of the Ice Queen. What about you?

So, my housemates and I were just chatting tonight, as we were watching TV, and for some reason JTT came up. I suddenly thought, whatever happened to that guy? So in true Big Cheese style, I thought I would try to find out, and let all you guys know.

After all, he was quite the teen sensation. First that cute kid in Home Improvement, then that cute teenager in Home Improvement. Then he was the voice of Young Simba in The Lion King. (He was only the speaking voice, of course. The singing voice was actually Jason Weaver, who played the young Michael Jackson in The Jackson Five: An American Dream. Now there’s a fact for you!)

Anyway, the last time I remember seeing JTT was in 8 Simple Rules (for Dating My Teenage Daughter). But he was only in it for 3 episodes, back in 2004. So what happened to him after that?

Well, he was in 1 episode of Verocica Mars in 2005, did bit parts, or voice roles in a couple of films, and that’s all it says on his CV!

I can tell you that between Home Improvement and Veronica Mars, he attended Harvard University, and took on a couple of film roles where he played gay characters, which lead to rumours that he was gay himself. He denied these rumours in Advocate, a gay and lesbian magazine, and in this Jay Leno interview in 1998.

As for where he is now…? I’d love to know. I mean he’s only 28! He could yet pull a Doogie Howser on us all….

Due to popular demand, here is it… Whatever happened to Lee Montgomery?

He was the tasty, all dancing, white vest wearing, drink of water in Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. And he was cuuuuuute! But what happened to him?

I mean, Helen Hunt and SJP went onto better things. Even Shannen Doherty had a pretty good run. But lovely little Lee? There isn’t even a picture of him on IMDB so that we can see what he looks like now!

Apparently, he became a musician and composer. Does anyone have any more information?

maxwell caulfield

Good friend of The Big Cheese, Farmer Ted, just sent us this comparison of Maxwell Caulfield, which appeared on

Damn! He was so very cute in Grease 2, the film that brought us the classic line “make my stamen go beserk”.

But, I guess when he famously played the delightfully slimy Rex Manning in Empire Records, we knew things were going downhill…

Then again, they say hairloss is actually a sign of excess testosterone and verility… So who knows. Perhaps he is just a little too much man!

Sometimes there are quotes from films that we just remember, even though we haven’t watched the film for about 10 years!

This is one of them! A true classic. (It’s right at the end of the clip.) Only it’s one of those quotes that only a few people know where it’s from. A bit like “Strange things are afoot at the Circle K” and “Meat group!…Squeezin the juu-uuice…. “.

This film is cheese at it’s most brilliant for lots of reasons though. The appearance of a young, slimy David Duchovny. Knox Overstreet himself, Josh Charles (…whatever happened to him?). The classic powersuits Christina Applegate wears. All good.

Are there any classic lines from old 80s and 90s films that you still find yourself quoting, in spite of the fact half the time people don’t know what you’re quoting?

He was the quintessential high school dreamboat in Sixteen Candles, then the gorgeous Joe in Mermaids (above) and then…. nothing….

In fact, his last IMDB entry is for a Disney film called Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken, in 1991 – the year after Mermaids.

So, if he hasn’t been in films, what has he been doing? Well apparently:

“He and his family have been living quietly all these years in northeastern Pennsylvania, where the once teen dream operates a successful business building fine hand-crafted furniture.”

Oh well… At least we’ll always have the memories…

Is there anyone out there that you wonder what happened to? Let me know…