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In even more big Superman news, one of my favourite actresses, Amy Adams, has been picked to play one of the most speculated and coveted roles in Hollywood, Lois Lane in the Superman reboot. This is the best news I have heard since it was revealed Henry Cavill is to play Superman. Now, I’m not even a big comic book movie fan, I’m just thrilled that Henry finally gets the lead role he deserves, and that my favourite redhead continues to shine.

In other Superman news, Zack Snyder has selected Kevin Costner and Diane Lane to play Superman’s parents… But is that Superman’s real parents? Or his earthbound adoptive ones…? Hmmm…..


In even more exciting Henry Cavill news, author Paullina Simons has suggested him as a possible Alexander in a film adaption of her amazingly wonderful novel, The Bronze Horseman. Those who have read the book will not only be extremely excited that a film of the book is being made, but also at the prospect of Cavill taking the part of the beautiful Alexander – one of literature’s sexiest and most heroic men.

If you agree that Cavill would make the perfect Alexander “Shura” Barrington/Belov then join the Facebook campaign! Or tell Paullina herself on her Facebook page.

In the meantime, we will just have to wait for Paullina to finish the script and the casting process to begin…

ps. The video is fan-made, not an official trailer – I mean, the film doesn’t exist yet! But those shots of Henry is uniform certainly help his cause!

Ok, so I’ve thought he was the sexy man most likely to become a household name ever since his chiseled features first appeared on the screen in The Count of Monte Cristo. But now, finally, after a string of near misses, the gorgeous Henry Cavill is about to get his moment. He has been cast as the new Superman (a role he narrowly missed a few years ago when it was given to Brandon Routh). The new production is to be directed by Zack Snyder (director of 300 and The Watchmen) and produced by Christopher “Batman” Nolan.

So prepare yourself ladies. Time to take down those Gerard Butler posters. There’s is a new burly man in town. You can form an orderly queue behind me.

I was just asked, by a friend who works in film, to thinkĀ  to think of a dark haired, burly, Englishman for a film that is being cast. “How about my steadfast Top 5 resident, and undeniably sexy man Henry Cavill?”, I said. Is there a hotter man in the world, I ask you?

He has been around for a while, with supporting roles in The Count of Monte Cristo, Tristan and Isolde, and the series The Tudors, and he narrowly missed out on being cast as both Superman, and the latest James Bond.

But it might not be long before the world finally takes notice of Mr Cavill. He is in the new Woody Allen movie, Whatever Works, starring with the very popular Larry David. So it might not be long before he snags the opportunity to be a leading man – and the girls really take notice.

Mark my words. You heard it here first.

But perhaps you disagree. Who do you think is the sexiest man in the movies?