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Now that good ol’ (OK, bad ol’) Simon Cowell has taken his X Factor juggernaut Stateside, and the Australian and UK version keep on trucking, the interweb world is literally swimming in X Factor. Which is not a problem over here in Big Cheese land. Not at all! Especially not now that things are rolling, the live shows have well and truly kicked off, and the lamer acts (and sometimes not so lame ones) are dropping like flies.

In fact, now we’re only a couple of months away from Christmas, when the steam train that is the X Factor thunders towards its crescendo – like the hopped up locomotive at the end of Back to the Future 3, pyrotechnics exploding like the roaring engine, ballads and big notes spewing from contestants mouths like steam from the chimney – I can’t get enough! So who are our favourites? Who have we been sad to see go? What have we enjoyed so far in all three seasons of our favourite guilty pleasure?

Let’s start in Australia, where they’re down to the final 5.




My favourite (and the contestant I think most deserves to win) is the fabulous Reece. He has had a shaky couple of weeks, but (much to my relief) he has held on. With the right song choices (come on Guy) he has the potential and the talent to win the whole damn thing.




Controversial, I know, but I just can’t help liking Johnny. Sure, he’s not the best singer, but neither are half the pop stars on the charts. I mean, have you heard Cheryl Cole sing?? But you’ve gotta admit, the guy is gorgeous, and boy can he move! Plus, he actually sang great last weekend. I hope Johnny makes it right to the end!




I have been rooting for these guys since the start, because I genuinely can see them having a career. It hasn’t always gelled for me, but there is definitely a lot of potential there, and every week I hope they smash it.

Now, over to the UK, where things have been going all pear shaped! Frankie knocked out for boasting about using cocaine, The Risk eliminated unceremoniously last week (which actually really disappointed me, and if it weren’t for Marcus I really wouldn’t have any interest in the show at all). Kelly “sick”, Louis destroying the credibility of his acts (as usual), Gary hating on fun, Tulisa saying “blew me out of the water” every chance she gets – it’s been a veritable whirlwind. Ok, Misha is good. And I don’t mind Little Mix. But with Janet and Craig vying for most bland act ever, how do we feel about the race to the finals? Who do we want to win?




I love Marcus. Mostly cos he’s lovely. And a total cutie. And he always puts on a good show. And he’s getting better every week. But I do wonder if he’s doing so well because the other acts are mostly LAME! I want him to do a big ballad and prove he can really sing. Make me feel it, Marcus!




Ok, Ok… I know they’ve gone. But I miss them already. And I LOVED their performance last week. I’ll miss their cute cheeky faces, and little dance moves. I’ll miss Derry trying to chat up every female pop star he could. Now Frankie is out, bring back The Risk! I don’t care how many times their line up changes. As long as Andy, Derry and Charlie are there, I’ll be happy.

And now, over to the States! They are a bit further back in proceedings there, with only two live shows, and one live vote under their belts. And it’s already gone awry! The AMAZING Stereo Hogzz in the bottom 2! Luckily they survived the chop to be awesome another day. I only have three favourites in the US version. Who are yours?




A little bit of Motown, and a little bit of current,edginess. Smooth moves, great voices. What’s not to like? Why were they in the bottom 2 America?! Vote for the Hogzz. The show will be boring without them. You don’t just want to watch Stacey Francis and Melanie Amaro have a ballad-off, do you? BORING!




The other Marcus. I totally love him. Of course, it didn’t hurt that he did Bobby Brown last week, and that he danced and sang his little booty off. Go Marcus!  I look forward to seeing what you do next this week.




Ok, so this is a late edition to this post, because Astro totally smashed it on tonight’s show! He’s always been good, but now I think he totally deserves to be in this list. He’s a real talent.

So, these are my favourites, and the acts I look forward to seeing every week. What are yours?



It’s a whole new season of X Factor, and with the live finals about to commence, there is a good degree of anticipation in the air. And, I will go as far as to say, I’m even more excited about this year, than last year. Last year, I was all about Danyl, as some of you will remember. After the judges houses, he was my only favourite, and remained so throughout the competition. But this year, I have quite a few favourites, and even more acts I really like. Let’s take a look shall we?

Matt Cardle.

Oh sweet Jesus. Hold me back! Who is this dishevelled beardy man with the voice of an angel, and the gorgeous personality? I love him. There I said it. I would quite like to have his cute little beardy, hat wearing babies. And we will paint and decorate the world with our love, while we all sing, like the new Von Trapp family. Too much?

John Adeleye

He’s so cute and cool and likeable! And he has a great voice. I think he’ll be a lot of fun, and I look forward to hearing him do some old school soul choons. I was a bit worried, like Louis, about the level of freak in the eight Over 28’s that went to judges houses. As someone who is over 28 myself, I really struggled with the thought that out of all the 1,000’s of people who auditioned, they were the best?? I mean, you don’t hit 30 and suddenly become a freak! But Wagner, and that freaky guy with the pointy ears who looked like he escaped from G.A.Y nightclub? Jesus! John is awesome though, and I’m really happy he made it through. Looking forward to seeing more of him!


How cool are they? Not at all JLS mark 2. They’re original and talented, and I think they’re going to pull off some amazing productions. And they’re much much better than Princes & Rogues, so I’m glad these boys got through. If I was Simon, I’d be rubbing my manicured hands together, and seeing all the pound signs rolling across my eyes, like a one-armed bandit display. Cha-ching!

1 Direction

Ok, stupid stupid name. Who the hell thought of that? But look at them. A completely manufactured boy-band, aimed 100% at getting the teenage girl vote. And it’s gonna work! After the road-accident that was Lloyd last year, Simon has learned his lesson. You can’t win X-Factor on cute boy looks alone, you need to really be able to sing… But maybe if you take that cute boy factor, make sure they can all sing a bit, and times it by five – winner!! I have to admit to being very sad when little Liam didn’t get through, because I really thought he deserved it and had real potential. So I’m glad he got another chance. And looking at his little face, along with the other four, it is hard to imagine the girls not falling in love with them a bit more every week.

I also quite like Aiden Grimshaw, and think he can do well. Probably fulfilling the Olly quota for the year, but much cuter and less of a douchebag. And I like Storm Lee too, even though Simon hates him! I kinda want to see those fireworks fly! Belle Amie have potential too. A lot more than Miss Frank did last year!

Biggest gripe so far is Cheryl putting Cher and Katie through even though they totally ballsed-up their auditions. I mean historically, if you don’t bring it at judges houses and you go home! Not really fair to those who did perform perfectly. But I guess Cheryl is learning from the Rachel Adedeje saga of last year. You can be as talented as you like, and sing your heart out, but if you don’t have something different, or special, it’s curtains. And Cher and Katie will at least be interesting to watch, but you can’t help getting annoyed at them for being such drama queens. You can’t imagine Simon being as indulgent!

So that’s my first 2 pence for the year! What do you guys think? Are you excited? Who are you backing?

I’ll tell you one thing. Roll on Saturday!!

The X Factor final weekend approaches people, and I’d like to say that I’m excited about it. I’d like to say that. But frankly, I’m not. And it’s no mystery why that would be, is it? Because now Danyl has gone, I don’t really care who wins.

Cos let’s face facts. Neither Olly or Stacey were outstanding last week. They got through on personality/popularity vote, which is fair enough, and the nature of the competition. But this does mean that the standard of the performances in the final will suffer. Stacey, Joe and Olly have found their niche, and they will perform within it.

I suppose we should get excited about the celeb guests… Simon tells us that “Olly will be duetting with Robbie Williams, Joe will be duetting with George Michael and Stacey will be duetting with Michael Bublé.” But Robbie and the Boob have already been on! That’s hardly a coup!

To be honest, I was more excited about catching Danyl singing at Selfridges on Tuesday! He was fabulous. And looked smoking.

But for now, the facts  is that it’s all about Joe, Olly and Stacey (yawn). Joe will almost certainly win, and I’m not saying that he doesn’t deserve it, because he has performed well. It just doesn’t excite me.

Ok, I will watch it. Maybe not on Saturday night though. Maybe I’ll watch it hungover on Sunday. That can be my protest!

In the meantime, did you see Olly’s “just hanging out in my pants” video diary??? What the…? Honestly, and they called Danyl cocky!

Well, Danyl performed fabulously on Saturday night, and in my opinion was the best (although, don’t I always think that?!) But, when the results came through, it was time for him to go, and although I was sad, in some ways I guess I was relieved. Although it is a shame he won’t be singing in the final, it’s nice to get him out of the circus, and have him out of the house, giving interviews and proving what a great guy he actually is.

Having watched both his GMTV and This Morning interviews, I can say that Danyl came across as gracious and charming – and he looked hot! I hope that he gets the chance to make some great records, and have a great, defining career outside the X Factor.

And at least we won’t have to see him sing Miley Cyrus’s The Climb!

So now it is all over (because in my mind it is), I just want to thank all the Fanyls for being so supportive of both Danyl, and this blog. In the face of great adversity we all held fast, and continued to show unwavering support. Which shows true character.

I suppose I’ll probably watch the final this weekend, but it won’t be the same. Olly will do a silly dance, Stacey will wear a long frock and sing a big ballad, and Joe will sing a beautiful, but boring song. Then one person will get kicked out, and the remaining two will do it all over again, but this time with a celeb. Then, after much drawing out of the inevitable, Joe will win.

To be honest though, part of me is just glad to get my Saturday nights back! The only problem is that I’m going to need to think of something else to write about on this blog!!

Wishing Danyl all the best for the future though. The Big Cheese will be watching out for you!

Ok you guys! I’m a bit behind the 8 ball on this one! Should have got some song choices up yesterday, but I couldn’t find them anywhere!

But here you go! For the MJ half of the show:

Danyl – Man in the Mirror

Joe – She’s Outta My Life

Olly – Can You Feel It

Stacey – The Way You Make Me Feel

And then for their personal choices:

Danyl – I Have Nothing (Whitney Houston)

Joe – Open Arms (Journey)

Olly – We Can Work It Out (Stevie Wonder)

Stacey – Somewhere (West Side Story)

(frankly, they all sound a bit cheesey!!)

Anyway, while you’re waiting for 8pm to roll around, enjoy this ancient clip of Micheal performing a great, lesser-known Jackson 5 track, Whatever You Got I Want.

Dear Lord. There have been rumours flying around about what the X Factor winner’s song was going to be, and I have posted them all on this blog. But now the official word is in. And it’s going to be The Climb, as made famous by Miley Cyrus. Yes, Hannah Montana herself.

So, no chance of it not being cheesy then?? Granted, lyrically this song sounds like it was written as an Idol or X Factor winner’s song; plenty of aspiration, and dreams coming true – after the obligatory struggle, of course.

Some people are saying that the song is obviously meant for Stacey or Joe, as it would suit them better than Danyl or Olly. And this is probably true – although I do think that Dan could sing anything.

Although, frankly, maybe it would be better if Stacey or Joe do win it! I’m not sure I would want Danyl’s first hit to be a cover of a song from a Hannah Montana movie!! Not really a lot of street cred!

But we’ll see, won’t we? It’s not over til the Geordie, the Geezer, the Funny Girl, and the Diva sing. And we all vote.

Vote Danyl.

So, in honour of Janet performing on the Sunday show this week, it’s Michael Jackson week on the X Factor. Considering the MJ renaissance we had earlier this year, I think we all found ourselves experiencing Jacko overload, but hopefully it has been long enough now for us to hear all the songs again. After all, they are great songs.

But what will everyone do?? There are rumours flying around, but nothing has been substantiated yet. Will Danyl shake his booty again? Or will it be back to ballads for him? Will Stacey and Joe change it up, and prove they are more versatile? Will Olly finally pull off a big note, and have his X Factor moment?

The bookies seem to think it is a foregone conclusion that Stacey and Joe will be in the final… But will they? Or are the viewers starting to find them a bit dull, and – dare I say it – a bit Vegas. Sure, Joe has a fabulous voice, but can he do a current pop song, and sound relevant? And can Stacey veer off her current course, where she is on an express train to Celine Dion-ville?

Luckily for Dan-fans (or Fanyls as they are becoming known) Jacko week should suit him down to a tea. I hope he does something sexy, and edgy, and pulls out some more moves – but perhaps slightly less G-A-Y than last week! (I mean, his Relight My Fire performance was definitely fun, but might not appeal to everyone!)

And of course, the other rumour is that only one song will be MJ and the other will be personal choice. Which is when it gets really interesting, because you can see the songs that they really want to sing…

So, I promise to keep you all posted with song choices as they come to light. And in the meantime, enjoy JLS from Michael Jackson week last year, performing the only number that sticks in my mind from that week (apart from the carcrash that was Rachel’s Dirty Diana!) – The Way You Make Me Feel.